Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a number of commonly asked questions about our wedding photography coverage.
Please feel free to contact us below if you have any other queries or unanswered question, 
we are more than happy to help and assist you through the process of planning your wedding. 

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General Questions

1. How would you describe your style of photography?
Mark and I consider ourselves as artistic wedding photojournalists. Our goal is to capture important moments of your wedding while adding our artistic perspectives.
Each image we captures has real emotions, portrays moods or feelings and tell your story!
We focus on finding moments during a wedding that happen naturally.

2. Is it important to have two photographers on the day?
Yes, we believe so. While a single photographer can photograph your day, we do advise having a second shooter to ensure no important moments are missed out.
Over the past few years, Mark and I have always worked as a team. Mark particularly enjoys capturing peoples' emotions, and I love to search for little details that often have great importance to the bride and groom.
Having two photographers means you will have an amazing collection of images from various angles with different perspectives.

3. What cameras and equipments do you use?
Mark and I are dedicate to deliver the highest professional quality photos for every wedding we shot.
We use professional Canon DSLR cameras and coupled with several top-of-the-range professional lenses.
We are also geared with lighting equipments such as off-camera flash and video lights to ensure your photos look at its best !

4. Do you travel?
Sure we do! We love to travel, and we can travel anywhere in New Zealand or around the world.
We generally arrive at least a day before your wedding to ensure unexpected travel delays. We are more than happy pre-visiting your wedding venue and reception prior the wedding.

5. Do you do destination weddings?
Absolutely! Although both Mark and I are based in Christchurch, we love travelling !
We do weddings all around the world and we travel to cover weddings in all types of cultures creating the best possible wedding experiences for you :)
Our destination wedding photography packages are simply our packages plus the cost of travel and reasonable accommodations if necessary.

6. How long until we receive our photos?
You will receive your photos in approximately 8-12 weeks after the wedding during busy summer season.
The fact is, good things take time! and comes to those who can wait a little longer :)
We do spend a lot of time in front of the computer and we edit every single photo we shot. Creativity and perfection simply takes time !
Your investment deserve more of our time crafting your beautiful wedding photos carefully and patiently into a timeless memory for you to preserve.

7. Do you offer albums?
Sure we do! We offer two types of wedding album, the Koi album and the Kiss collection.
The Koi album comes with image wrap hardcover, whereas the beautiful Kiss album is hand bounded with natural leather.
Both are lay-flat wedding album, meaning there is no crease in the middle of two pages. We can then display your beautiful landscape image with no central lost.

8. Do we receive digital images files and copyrights?
Yes, of course! All of our packages include high resolution digital files at no extra cost ! We include a personal use license in our packages to ensure you have the right to create as many prints as you'd like and share your wedding story with families and friends.

Engagement/Wedding Questions

9. Why getting an engagement photo session?
We encourage our couples to have an engagement session weeks or months prior their wedding, as it is a fantastic way to feel better prepared and be more comfortable in front of the camera.
You will definitely notice the difference on your wedding day, that both of you will instantly know what to do when we tell the groom to kiss the bride :)
It is also a great opportunity to get to know us a little more, as well as for us to know you as a couple. Most importantly, you will receive beautiful photos and are welcome to use them for wedding invitation, guest book, or display them at the wedding reception.

10. How long is the engagement photo session? and where will the shoot take place?
The engagement photo session usually takes about an hour or up to two hours.
It is entirely up to you where you would like to do the photoshoot, but preferably at some place that holds some special meaning to both of you. We are more than happy to travel anywhere within Christchurch. Dress warm and get ready to have some fun !

11. How long do we need for the bridal party photoshoot?
We usually recommend two hours for the bridal party shoot. But having said that, you will find the schedule may get delay from the morning and may end up with an hour or so for the bridal shoot. But don’t stress over the timing, we are here to help !
The longer time we have for the bridal shot, the better for us to create and capture highest quality images possible. The final outcome may surprise you ;)

12. How long will you stay with us on our wedding day?
Mark and I will stay with you throughout your wedding day !
Yes, all day! Untill you tell us to go home :D (joke)
Over the past few years, we have found that best moments on a wedding day can happen any time, any second, and often when you are least expecting it.
Mark will stay with the boys, and I will stay with the girls from the morning. The excitement from early in the morning, first father-daughter moment, right through the epic dance moves of your families late at night, we will be there with you when they happen.
This will ensure us to capture every moments of your wedding that are important to both of you.

13. What happens if it rains?
We hardly had a raning wedding, but we aren’t worry if it rains either !
Check out the photos we shot when it rain, aren’t they just as stunning !?
Wedding is all about having a good time with your families, friends and the one your love. We're sure that a raining day won't ruin your beautiful wedding :)

Booking Questions

14. How soon do we need to reserve our wedding date?
As soon as you feel comfortable, but having said that, our dates are limited.
Mark and I want to deliver the best quality service for each couple we have, therefore we limit ourselves for no more than twenty weddings each year.
Booking with us is essential. There will be a booking fee and a contract, but don’t worry, we will make sure this process is as easy as possible!
It will be great to meet up with both of you for a cup of coffee, and we can also get get to know each other a little better. We are also happy to chat over the phone or Skype if you’re not based in Christchruch.



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