Wedding Photojournalism- Our Photography Approach 


We are always paying close attention to environment and surroundings. We wait patiently and anticipating peoples' smile, laughter, tears, and hugs. We are strong storytellers and record your wedding with great attention to detail as your story unfolds.



We'd love you to be as comfortable as possible during the bridal party shot. Our goal is to capture real smiles and natural emotions between bride & groom. We will show your personalities and affection through our unique artistic photography.


Night Photography

We are passionate at creating different lighting for night photography. We capture your first dance with dramatic effect while maintain natural feel to the image. We use creative lighting technique to produce unforgettable & breathtaking images for you to preserve. 

Organic & Real

We observe and record your wedding without interference. We capture real emotions between you and your families/friends. We are wedding photojournalists who portrays real moods & feelings that tell your epic story in an organic natural perspectives. 



We love having fun ! We often think of unique twists to make it interesting and different. Bridal party shot is the time when you and your friends can be fun, ridiculous, silly and playful. We would love to create an ordinary bridal party shot into an extraordinary experience for you and your bestfriends. 



Believe it or not, your day moves quicker than you would imagine. While you may not have the time to sit back and fully appreciate your bridal bouquet or the wedding cake, we will be there & be sure preserving them with amazing photos.